Software engineering

We provide best practices in software engineering to bring your idea to life.

Sometimes, less is more.

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Project Management

Need help reigning in a project and building an effective team? We give you solid direction to lead your team to success and deliver results to your clients.

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Process Automation

We can automate any process that requires you to use a mouse and keyboard, from bridging the gap between proprietary legacy desktop applications to massively scalable real-time systems to programmatically reducing response time with live insight and decision support.

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Need a third party to review your project and give you solid direction? We provide general consulting so you can achieve the results you need.

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APIs and Bots

We create fully documented APIs for your app and handle aggregating data for reports into useful, interactive bots. Bots may be used for Slack and other team communication services, to consolidate reports and provide rapid response.

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