Logic Simplified

Welcome to Lakesite

The following is an effective, valuable strategy for getting work done. We're committed to consistently adding value to every engagement and use the best process in the industry to achieve superior results and client satisfaction. Here's what you should expect when working with us on a project.

I. Culture

We're obsessed, engaged and focused on the process that produces fantastic results for our clients. We're also flexible, adaptive and respond to the data we see and our customer's priorities. We're big on transparent communication. We identify and resolve friction points between the inception of your project and getting you a continuous stream of quality results.

Every section of our welcome packet is designed to maximize satisfaction, achieve quality results, manage expectations and mitigate risk. We think you'll love our process and the way we simplify the complexity of software development.


We work 9-5pm (EST), Monday through Friday. Unless we have an emergency, we'll let you know in advance if our availability changes during a project. We'll let you know about vacation plans that would impact your project a month in advance. In addition to scheduled vacations, we observe the following holidays:

  • Good Friday through Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving and the day before
  • Christmas week through New Year's Day

Contacting us

The fastest way to reach us is through e-mail or Slack. You can also reach us directly at +1 (423) 847-1171.

Collaboration, Tools and Services

We're always looking for ideal tooling that makes our customers happy and maximizes the value we bring.

Communication: We use Slack for communication and reporting.

Project Management: We use Trello or Github project boards for kanban boards. We use Dropbox and Google Drive for document management.

Source control: We use Github for version control and issue tracking.

Operations: We use Digital Ocean, Heroku, and Amazon for hosting and DNS, depending on project scope. We may also use Cloudflare for DNS.

II. Agility

We use LEAN, agile methods and are big believers in evidence based estimation, pair programming, kanban boards and many of the processes that naturally come from accepting three simple truths about software development:

  • You can't gather all the requirements up front.
  • The requirements you do gather will change.
  • There is always more to do than time and money will allow.

IV. Starting your project

We'll gather your requirements, create user stories describing in simple terms a condition or situation, what you want to do, and what you expect to happen as a result. We'll attribute a complexity of 1-3 points for each of these stories.

You'll prioritize these stories based on what's most important for your business and we'll start working on the highest ranked stories first. We'll organize a group of stories to be released at the end of an iteration. This iteration is called a sprint, and we'll review how many stories we finished. Finished means, documented, tested and done! We'll all review what worked for us, what we should change, and what we should stop doing.

We'll continue this process. After a few iterations, we'll be able to use evidence based estimation to project the time it will take to complete the project and new requirements based on our team velocity.

IV. Checklist

In general, the following steps are taken to get you from your request for programming services to a product launch. In some cases the scope of your project may be small and we'll knock it out in a week or less. For anything more complex, we'll follow an iterative approach and deliver usable features in every sprint.

  • Review welcome packet.
  • Sign mutual NDA and service agreement.
  • Create backlog of user stories.
  • Determine your MVP.
  • Begin iteration.
  • Retrospective.
  • Ship new product or features.

V. What we won't do

The following are things we won't do for you.

  • Creative agency: If you need more front end work, design, copy, branding and a broader marketing strategy, we recommend d.i. for this scope.
  • 24-hour support: The services we provide where you do need 24/7 support are handled by other companies or processes to further mitigate risk.